Understanding How You Are Viewed

In a world where everyone is watching all the time, it is vitally important for Jesus Followers to be real all the time. Many times over the years, I struggled with which mask should I be wearing in which situation. At church, I put on the “jesus” mask. But at work, I had a totally different mask. While at home, I put on the “family” mask.
I finally got to a point where it was tiring to maintain all these “masks.” The older I get the more I realize that masks are not what we are called to. And masks are not what people want from us. Being authentic and real no matter the situation is not just the right thing to do, its what we all crave from each other.
In a world saturated by the social media highlight real, we are obsessed with always presenting our best image. In many ways, its like living a half truth. Everyone sees all the good and none of the bad. Its just another mask we need to maintain.
Whether you realize it or not, that obsession with how people view you is what leads to the epidemic of anxiety in our world. We take 65 selfies trying to get that one perfect image. Why? To get as many likes as possible and validate our self worth. It should not matter as much as it does…
The only perspective we should concern ourselves with is that of our Father in Heaven. The cool thing is we know what he thinks… He loves us perfectly… nothing we can do can cause him to love us more or love us less. Why? Because He created us, He has a purpose for us… Why else would He pay such a great price for us through his death on a cross?
BECAUSE WE ARE WORTH IT. He so desparately wanted us to be in relationship with Him that He paid the penalty that we could not pay.
“For the wages of sin is death,but the GIFT of GOD is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.(Romans 6:23)”
Never forget the value you have in the eyes of the God that created you in HIS image. There is no greater honor than to be created in the image of the Creator. There is no greater value one can give to another than to die for them simply to restore a relationship. Jesus did all of this for YOU.
**Put all the masks aside and simply be you – its the greatest honor you can give to the one who created you and paid the ultimate price in order to be with you.**

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