The Last Place of True Privacy is In jeopardy

With cameras everywhere these days, is there anywhere we can truly be in alone? For now, the one place of true privacy is within our own mind. But, if this is really happening, then even our minds are in jeopardy.

Back in April 2017, the Independent posted an article about a Japan firm that has developed a way to scan and understand brain waves. It is very rudimentary right now, but imagine if, in 5 years, you can have an app on your phone that scan and translate your brainwaves. This is the prediction they make in this article. (Device that can literally read your mind invented by scientists)

The last true place of privacy. Your own thoughts are now potentially going to be readable. Yes, a lot of potential good can come from that but what if that technology fell into the wrong hands?

The last place you can truly explore ideas in private would be gone. Is this something we should be giving away? Is this a place we as a society should be going with our technology?

These are the discussions we are not having. We are being lulled into a dream world based on all the wonderful possibilities and not taking into account not everyone out there is good with good intentions.

What do you think? Good, Bad, or Don’t Care… Let me know…

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